Cannabis Consultant
Dr. Liz McNeill

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.”

We come to cannabis wanting.  Because of past and current prohibition on cannabis and the devaluation of indigenous knowledge we have lost much information on the medicinal applications.  In addition, to facilitate the prohibition of cannabis in the US in the 1920s and 30s media and news outlets were flooded with the proliferation of propaganda falsely asserting the medical and psychological dangers of cannabis use.  The “research” used to back this propaganda was outright false and not supported by scientific inquiry.  Prohibition has effectively frustrated our current knowledge and understanding of the medicinal applications of cannabis.

The good news is, the current relaxation on prohibition along with empirical independent research indicates that cannabis works to restore and heal the body at the cellular level in ways that synthetic pharmaceuticals have failed us.  Additionally, cannabis does not come with the deadly side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, and can be a valuable tool to end the opioid crisis.  Cannabis is an effective and proven pain management option as well as an instrument to end opioid addiction.  Cannabis not only helps with pain management and addiction, it is a proven alternative treatment to a host of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, migraines, cancers, PTSD, endometriosis, arthritis and many more.

Because of its amazing ability to heal, my true desire from a young age was to work with cannabis as a practitioner.  Though, of course, it was not a legitimate career option prior to legalization.  Therefore, being the nerdy researcher I am I took a political academic route to pay the bills and earn an education.  Before opening CS Healing, I was a researcher, activist, academic, and teacher.  Since 2003 I have taught courses in political science and cultural studies at the Universities of California State, Oregon State, and Washington State.

I also have 20 plus years of experience researching cannabis politically, culturally, medicinally, and spiritually.  I have been politically advocating for the full legalization of marijuana starting as an undergrad in the early 2000s.  Notably, I was a party to the first NORML chapter at California State University’s very conservative campus at Stanislaus.  In addition to being politically active related to cannabis, I have conducted my own research on its medicinal properties through conventional wisdom and the gathering of empirical evidence, as the medical research is absent or forthcoming.  Through these years of study, I have come to learn many of the medicinal benefits and applications of cannabis and its differing derivatives.

Since much cannabis research is still prohibited at federally funded institutions including federally founded universities, much of the current research is funded and researched independently.  My current project centers exclusively on cannabis and wellness. I am writing a book on cannabis for managing chronic reproductive pain.  The book is a practical guide on proven strategies to manage female chronic reproductive pain, as well as a breakthrough on effectively curing endometriosis utilizing diet, exercise, and cannabis.  Forth coming Fall 2020.

In spite of the challenges, through detailed and diligent research I can assist you in finding solutions to your health and wellness issues utilizing cannabis.  This entails an understandable cannabis regimen that can bring hope, clarity, and healing to your life.  The key to the medicinal use of cannabis is understanding its many derivatives and their applications.  I specialize in knowing these cannabis applications, and I work with you to creating a specific plan for your condition.  Your personal cannabis plan is key to rebalancing, healing, and curing your mind and body for optimum health and ascension.

If you need help understanding the many derivatives of cannabis and their medicinal applications and to dial in an exacting cannabinoid plan that’s specifically for treating you and your condition, look no further.  I can ease and simplify your journey to health and wellness with cannabis.

Looking forward to meeting you!