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Treating ADHD with Cannabis

There is countless anecdotal evidence via self-reporting indicating that cannabis does effectively manage ADHD.   Below is a link to a study done in Heidelberg, Germany, by Strohbeck-Kuehner, Skopp, and Mattern concluding that cannabis improved symptoms of ADHD. Specifically, “activation to a level which may be considered optimum for performance.” Thus, indicating that cannabis is a safe and effective alternative.

“Cannabis Improves Symptoms of ADHD”

Phytocannabinoid Boiling Points

Boiling points are essential information in making medicinal cannabis. Cannabinoid boiling points vary and depending on the cannabinoid acid the corresponding cannabinoid compound has a range of decarboxylation temperatures. For example, CBD (160-180c) and THC (157c) have considerably different boiling points and, thus, depending on which one you are aiming to activate requires distinct temperatures.

The link here is a great resource for boiling points from Project CBD  

Treating Allergies

With spring here and summer on our heels we begin allergy season and the pollen levels have already been high in Eugene. Check out this article on “Treating Your Allergies With Weed.” It is of interest and a good place to begin if you are interested in treating your allergies with cannabis.